Song of the Day: Grateful Dead at the Fillmore East-> Featuring Allman Brothers and Peter Green!

So I’m a big lover of great jams, but I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of the jams of the Grateful Dead. I think American Beauty is one of the great albums ever- and particularly love some of Jerry Garcia’s solo work with David Grisman’s- but I’ve found their extended workouts to be meandering and dull.

So what could change that? Why add members of the Allman Brothers and Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac and put them in the Fillmore East, of course!

Take a listen to Turn On Your Lovelight and enjoy one of the great guitar jams in history: Jerry Garcia, Duane Allman, and Peter Green are three of the great guitarists in American history and playing with each other pushes these men to dazzling new heights. (And leads me to wonder what might happen if Garcia had someone at that level in his own band pushing him in the way that Danny Kirwan pushed Green and Dickey Betts pushed Allman.) These guitarists play and compete and collaborate without ever stepping on each other’s toes, and effectively mix the laid back earthy style of Garcia with the fiery blues of Allman and the (by this point) otherworldly heavy rock of Green. (One of the forgotten greats who suffered a Syd Barrett-style fall from grace and should get his own Song of the Day sometime soon.)

The rest of the concert has some major highlights (Including another Allman cameo on the Dead standard, Dark Star), but that finale with everyone on stage is the real highlight.

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