Daryl Johnson’s disturbing piece on domestic terrorism

Daryl Johnson’s disturbing piece on domestic terrorism

So I wrote recently on Wade Page and the shooting at the Sikh temple in Oak Ridge, Wisconsin. Sadly, many news outlets have already let the story disappear. Thankfully, Salon has done some great reporting on the story.

Three years ago, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report expressing concerns about domestic terrorism from white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups. The report was widely panned by conservatives, and  so the DHS- being run by the surrender monkeys known generally as the Democratic Party- cancelled all funding for all law enforcement relating to such right wing terrorism. Since then, such terrorism has indeed spiked, as predicted. Meanwhile, we have continued to go to more and more extreme lengths to chase the perceived threat of Islamic terror. This article by Johnson is another sign that we need to drastically change our priorities as a nation and a government.

Money quote:

Since the DHS warning concerning the resurgence of right-wing extremism, 27 law enforcement officers have been shot (16 killed) by right-wing extremists. Over a dozen mosques have been burned with firebombs – likely attributed to individuals embracing Islamaphobic beliefs. In May 2009, an abortion doctor was murdered while attending church, two other assassination plots against abortion providers were thwarted during 2011 and a half-dozen women’s health clinics were attacked with explosive and incendiary devices over the past two years.

In January 2010, a tax resister deliberately crashed his small plane filled with a 50-gallon drum of gasoline into an IRS processing center in Austin, Texas; in January 2011, three incendiary bombs were mailed to government officials in Annapolis, Md., and Washington, D.C.;  also, in January 2011, a backpack bomb was placed along a Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Wash.; and, during 2010-2012, there have been multiple plots to kill ethnic minorities, police and other government officials by militia extremists and white supremacists.

The Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wis., and the shooting of four sheriff’s deputies in St. Johns Parish, La., in August are only the latest manifestations of right-wing extremist violence in the U.S.  Yet, there have been no hearings on Capitol Hill about this issue. DHS still has only one analyst monitoring domestic terrorism. The federal government’s failure to recognize the domestic terrorism threat tells me there will assuredly be more attacks to come.

Link to the full article at the top.

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