Using the school walls to learn and teach

Good evenin’ y’all from the coasts of North Carolina! I made it here late this evening after a long day in the center of the state. I intend to explore tomorrow and put pictures up.

The drive down here was beautiful, and included a detour in the lovely and ever growing Chapel Hill, home of UNC and the Tar Heels. For a kid raised in the woods in Connecticut and educated in a tiny hipster enclave along the Hudson River, it’s always an experience to visit a school like UNC, which is a town unto itself. It also, in many ways, represents a new sort of south, one led by tech companies and an educated middle class yearning for a comfortable life free of snow.

Oh. Also had something glorious called a Peach Cobbler Milkshake at Cookout, home to 40 different types of milkshakes! Between that and Bojangles, I have now covered very southern fast food place, with only Chik-Filet to go.

Main point of this post: I visited a friend/fellow teacher at, of all places, her school in North Carolina. The school has a pretty brilliant extra credit opportunity for AP History students after the exam is over: They allow them to paint on the walls!

Not just anything, of course: The faculty clearly learned the lesson that the RA of my sophomore year dorm learned the hard way.

The walls in the history wing were filled with historically themed paintings and cartoons from every major decade of US History, covering multiple themes, figures, and events. I found it a truly inspiring site. Here was a school that

a.) Trusted its students enough to give them paint and walls to paint on.

b.) Combined art and history so effectively.

c.) Creatively assesses what students learned in their curriculum, AND

d.) Empowers students by having them create a lasting contribution to their community.

I’m delighted to show you a few highlights of their work. Enjoy! I’ll catch up on reviews and music-related activity tomorrow!

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One thought on “Using the school walls to learn and teach

  1. WOOOOW SO COOL! I’m filing that away in my future-teacher brain log for a good activity…

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